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PHOTOS: NEW Information Surfaces that Bruce Prichard slept with Stephanie McMahon



Stephanie McMahon Triple H

Stephanie McMahon: She is a sexy woman and any man would like to be with her. Triple H He was the chosen one and who was lucky enough to marry the executive, but there has been much talk about Stephanie’s possible affairs with Male Man Randy Savage and Bruce Prichard, who broke the silence after years to reveal whether or not there was an affair with her.


Bruce Prichard finally talks about having an affair with Stephanie McMahon. WWE and hinted at a radio interview that Stephanie, besides being hot, was crazy, as Prichard had told her.

Stephanie McMahon WWEJerry Lawler made a comment on the Mancow radio show years ago where he insinuated that Bruce Prichard and Stephanie McMahon slept together.

He said: “Hey, Stephanie McMahon is hot. Do you think she’s wild in the sack? […] Well, that’s what Bruce Prichard told me.”

Bruce Prichard has responded to allegations that he once had an affair with the daughter of WWE’s chairman Stephanie McMahon.

Bruce Prichard: “No, it wasn’t like that. At all. Once again, that was invented by Jerry Lawler being in a state of despair.

WWE Queen Stephanie McMahon

I think he was saying things to hurt people and talk shit and he did it. That affected me personally and at home … Obviously, it is not true.”

Bruce Prichard set the record straight on Something To Wrestle With. This is not a true rumor and Jerry Lawler was just speaking way out of turn with those remarks.

“No, it didn’t; not at all. And again, it was Jerry Lawler in a desperate place, and I think he was saying things to hurt people and stir sh*t. And he accomplished that. But when that affects me personally at home, and obviously, not true.Bruce Prichard slept with Stephanie McMahon.

The innuendo was that I had an affair with Stephanie. it’s not true. Never in any way, shape, or form. She was my boss, and it’s just unnecessary, mean-spirited, and bad judgement on the part of Lawler.”

It bothered me that I was fucking with people’s families. Hunter and Stephanie were together and I was married, with children and a mother-in-law, who for whatever reason, From time to time they would look for my name on the Internet.

“I had not heard Lawler’s comments, when someone else told me, the first thing I did was laugh. You don’t immediately think about the consequences of that.Bruce Prichard slept with Stephanie McMahon.

You don’t think about how it affects all these other people. It just isn’t right. It is not right at all.”

This wasn’t a cool thing for Jerry Lawler to say especially because Stephanie McMahon and Triple H were already married at the time and so was Prichard.

Therefore, it was not a very smart thing to put out there especially since it is totally false.

This isn’t the first rumor that Prichard needed to shut down a rumor on his podcast concerning Stephanie McMahon’s love life either.

As you can hear him also debunk the allegations that she had a fling with “Macho Man” Randy Savage in the video below.

Randy Savage and an affair with a very young Stephanie McMahon, probably at 16 or 17, his brother Lanny Poffo said although I didn’t know if it had been true or not.

Bruce Prichard slept with Stephanie McMahon.

Yes he knew that 3 years after Randy’s departure from WWF to WCW, Vince McMahon heard the rumor and vetoed for life to the remembered and talented Macho Man:

Is it true that Randy Savage and Stephanie McMahon had an “affair”?

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